SHOPWORX 24" Security Mirror

Code: 7SM24EA


  • Code: 7SM24EA
  • Product: SM24 Security Mirror
  • Brand: Sekura
  • Colour: Reflective
  • Quantity: Single unit
  • Size: 24"

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£108.25 ex VAT

This convex mirror can be used to eliminate blind spots and increase line-of-sight in your place of business, for enhanced security and/or to reduce the risk of accidents.

It's particularly useful for keeping an eye on hidden areas from the vantage of your Point-of-Sale position, without requiring the installation of full-blown surveillance systems. A visible security mirror positioned carefully will also function as a deterrent, reducing the incidence of opportunistic thefts taking place.

Security mirrors can also reduce the number of accidents in your warehousing or distribution centres, allowing operators to get better visibility around corners when moving stock, and lower the incidence of damage to your merchandise.

When placed at entry/exit points to your business' parking or delivery areas, you can also help customers and staff avoid motor collisions - which is a particular concern if your access is situated around a corner or on a blind bend.

Convex mirrors are a cost-effective solution for any business looking to increase security and/or safety, whether on the premises or in outdoor areas, and the 24inch Security Mirror from Sekura is designed to be as versatile as possible. Complete with an easy to secure mounting bracket, this solution is ready for you to install wherever you need it most.

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