LYNX 1MU 70x35mm Buff Reinforced Unstrung Tag (Box 1k) FSC Recycled Credit

Code: 4M1MUBX


  • Type: 1MU Box of 1000 Reinforced Tags
  • Size: 70x35mm
  • Colour: Manilla
  • Quantity: Box of 1000

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£14.36 ex VAT

These 1MU Manilla 70x35mm Box of 1000 Reinforced Tags are the ideal labelling solution. Perfect for retailers looking to label merchandise in a more traditional way, and especially suited to more craft-orientated stores. Traditional tags are perfect for showing information about your merchandise – either through sticker, stamp or hand labelling – a craft tag is a great way of presenting your products to your customers.

Great for temporary tagging as they are easy to apply by hand, these craft parcel tags are perfect for labelling items deposited by customers. From car keys at mechanics offices, or similar businesses, through to tagging items brought in for repair. The space on the craft parcel tag is also perfect for adding notes as required, either for your own reference or as information to your customers.

Shaped in the standard parcel-tag fashion, these craft tags also benefit from a sturdy design, allowing greater strength and staying power when being handled regularly by customers. Staying attached when your customers check your product prices is vital, as it helps avoid price checks and saves time at the checkout.

Traditional tag solutions are also ideal for anyone looking for a crafty way of labelling gifts or packages – particularly around the holiday season – as these tags are easy to customise and provide instant retro flair for your wrapping. Provoke a sense of nostalgia, or decorate to taste, with these high quality craft parcel tags.

We supply various colours, sizes, and styles of craft tags and tickets, so if you're interested in finding similar products, browse through our Tags & Tickets range to find the ideal craft parcel tag for your business. The 1MU 70x35mm Manilla Box of 1000 Reinforced Tags is just one craft parcel tag in the Clipper Retail range.

For specialist advice about our range of craft parcel tags, or any other Clipper Retail products, contact us and let’s talk shop today.

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