The Clipper Retail Story Part 3

Oct 15, 2019

Clipper Retail founder and company Director, Richard Napthine, tells us how the company developed to the business we know today – in the conclusion to his three part story. Catch up with Part 1 and/or Part 2 of the Clipper Retail Story before you read the ending.

“Our regular trade clients, to whom we sold the range of Lynx Guns and labels, were soon asking for other products to be added to our range. We have always listened to our customers’ feedback, and it wasn’t long before we were able to bring a host of new products to market.

“Fluorescent colours were the order of the day and what with the growing number of bargain shops and market stalls all shouting their wares at discounts, demand increased for all sizes and shapes. From rolls of paper in five bright colours, down to the smallest stars used by jewellers, we began manufacturing and packing ourselves.

“Pallets of card were purchased from all over the world and were processed by print finishers in London and Essex. We had automatic heat seal equipment installed in our premises, which kept up our ability to supply the extra demand. Our great team at Clipper Retail with a will to replenish the shelves!

“Our next break-through was a wonderful ‘Tacher’ gun – later known as ‘tagging’ or ‘Kimble’ guns. The Tacher gun came with a whole range of attachments of all lengths, fineness and colours, to suit the needs of garment manufacturers and retailers. We were able to import these under the brand ‘Arrow’ (introducing the Arrobee range down the line) and supply to our trade clients.

“All manner of smaller items followed from customers’ suggestions. Best sellers were Liquid Chalk Markers, used for handmade signs outside premises, and Money Detectors to stop forgeries. Open and Closed Signs for shop doors Self-adhesive Sale labels for all kinds of merchandise. We got our ever-increasing story out to the trade by printing and despatching a priced colour catalogue each year.

“Going from strength to strength, Clipper Retail continued to grow and develop – we introduced new lines and products for every retail need. Eventually we expanded into the area of retail security, founding Sekura Global in 2012 and now supply Loss Prevention solutions to top retailers all over the world.

“We have continued to diversify our offering in line with what our customers want, recently bringing Most Interiors into the mix to deliver interior design/fit-out and project management services in the UK. Clipper Retail has come along way since we sold our first label gun, and we’re looking forward to finding out what the next forty years has in store for our business.”

For even more details from the History of Clipper Retail, 1975 to the present day, you can read our ongoing Timeline here.

*Pictured at the top - Richard Napthine (left), Russell Napthine (centre), Chris Napthine (right)

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