Pricing Gun Labels Explained

Jul 05, 2021

Every Labelling Gun has compatible pricing labels. When choosing your pricing gun, it's important to ensure the compatible labels match your labelling requirements. For further information on how to go about choosing the right price gun, pricing guns and their compatible labels, have a look at this handy news article titled How to Choose Your Pricing Gun for more information. The focus of this article is to explain the different types of labels available to assist you in determining which labels would suit your business and your products best.

Of course, labels are available in numerous colours and sizes, blank or pre-printed, and they can also be custom made to the retailer's specifications. However, what really needs to be considered is the surface your labels will be applied to. To do this, we need to consider labels in terms of the adhesive supplied on the labels.

Let's say there are three types of labels, supplied with different adhesives intended for various labelling purposes.


Removable labels are intended to come off easily. Removable adhesives mean tht the label can easily be repositioned and removed, ideal when labelling products with gift-potential because your customer will want to remove the price label after purchasing. 

Unlike permanent labels, these labels come off whole, leaving minimal to no glue residue behind on your products. Removable labels are also referred to as 'peelable' labels, able to last as long as permanent labels while still allowing removal, even after a lengthy time period.


Permanent labels are intended to stay on your products meaning that they will leave the back of the label behind when you remove do them, and when the label is peeled off fully, glue will remain on the product. Permanent labels cannot be repositioned once applied, so do make sure you apply your label accurately to avoid the hassle of removing and relabelling your product. These labels are suitable for use on most surfaces, with the exception of damp or wet plastic.

There are positives and negatives to using labels with a permanent adhesive. Labels with a permanent adhesive are the most commonly used price labels in retail, but some care and consideration of labelling surfaces needs to be taken.

You will need to make sure the surface onto which you apply your permanent labels will not be damaged when your customer tries to remove it after purchasing, as this could negatively impact on their customer experience and satisfaction. These labels are intended to be strong long-term without damaging your products, but the damage usually occurs as a result of the glue removal method used. For example, if you attempt to scratch or scrape remaining glue off glassware, you could leave scratches behind on the surface.

Permanent labels are ideal for displaying dates on food and beverages, and for showing any other information the customer won't need to remove. Another positive is that these labels will also protect your business against fraudulent customers, transferring labels between products to acquire costly products cheaply.

Freezer Labels

Freezer labels are especially designed to label damp and wet surfaces at cold temperatures. The adhesive this label uses hardens when introduced to cold temperatures, ensuring they will remain in position in fridges and freezers. So, although permanent labels are indeed great for labelling eatables, you will require these special freezer labels for any refrigerated and frozen products. When these labels aren't used for the intended purposes, their adhesive strength is a medium between permanent and removable labels.

Outdoor Labels

Outdoor labels are the most suitable labels for any products that will be displayed outdoors. These are most frequently used by garden centres and DIY stores to ensure the information displayed lasts. Outdoor labels are coated with a plastic film to ensure they are weatherproof, allowing for long-term information display. The adhesives supplied on outdoor labels is strong and durable, suitable for all kinds of surfaces.

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