Clipper Retail - The Story – Part 2

Aug 25, 2017

The purchase of the printing machine really put business in motion for Clipper, establishing them as labelling authorities in the retail and trade industry. Richard Napthine's success started small, but never ceased to grow.

As the laws changed and the rules of Health and Safety became stricter, the need for labelling guns and labels increased, particularly in the food and beverages industry.

"Labelling guns became a widely used industry requirement, so the demand for a low-cost alternative was on the rise. We worked with a Korean factory to design a specific hand held labeller for the market, which suited our clients well and put us ahead of our competition, particularly for the more cost-conscious client. We were first to market with the labelling starter pack, a very simple kit which included a labelling gun, rolls of labels, and spare ink rollers.  Our resellers loved it."

Alongside labelling guns Clipper developed a range of complementary display items, and started to manufacture fluorescent stars and display cards, manufacturing in-house and selling through retail stationers along with marker pens.  These items became very popular for retail stores and market stalls alike. 

"If it hadn't been us, it would have been someone else. You have to be one step ahead and you have to be quick not to let opportunities slip out of your hands."

All this time the Lynx labelling brand had been growing in the minds of both resellers and users as a brand they can rely on. 

"Clipper was able to provide a 3-year warranty with every labeller sold, which is a reflection on the fact that our labellers were particularly robust compared to the competition."

Today, Lynx is the leading brand in hand-held labelling.  Clipper Retail stands out from every competitor as the only company with so many different types and layouts of labelling guns on the shelf, ready for next day delivery.

With another successful endeavour added, Clipper Retail was able to continue growing the business at a rapid rate. Wondering what happened next? Read Part 3 of our Clipper Retail Story here.


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