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Clipper Retail has been supplying proven products and solutions for retail labelling and display since 1977. Clipper Retail is one of the largest providers of retail accessories – delivering shop equipment, innovative security solutions, retail labelling and packaging to blue chip retailers across the UK and Europe. We’re committed to delivering complete solutions to our retail partners, providing a wide range of proven retail accessories and retail labelling at the best possible prices. Find out more about the history of Clipper Retail here.

Our Range

Our flagship range of Lynx retail labelling and tagging guns are established market leaders in the UK, with a reputation for build quality and ease of use. Our comprehensive retail labelling range of accessories and labels puts compatibility at their core, allowing you to find the labels or accessories you need in Clipper Retail’s one-stop-shop – even if you’re using a different brand of retail labelling guns currently. Find your compatible retail labelling solutions now. We’re proud to be widely recognised as a first choice for supplies and installations across the continent, and we want to make Clipper Retail the first choice for you too.

Our team of trusted consultants have the knowledge and experience needed to help your business go from good to great. We provide the right retail accessories, at the right price, and at the time that’s right for you. Meet our expert team now.

Clipper Retail, Aspen House,
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T: +44 (0)330 700 3311
E: sales@clipper-retail.com

The Clipper Retail Collective

The Clipper Retail Collective is made up of three closely connected businesses: Clipper Retail, Sekura Global and Most Interiors.

Sekura Global

Our retail security partner, Sekura Global, delivers innovative retail security solutions to help you protect and monitor your merchandise. The Sekura range includes EAS tags and tagging systems, compatible with both AM and RF technologies, as well as RFID solutions that combine the benefits of both enhanced security and inventory management. Sekura has seen such great success over the past decade – growing significantly with offices in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe – and has now become a separate company in the UK to deliver increased focus for our security customers. Secure your business with Sekura Global now.

Most Interiors

Most Interiors joined Clipper Retail and Sekura in the Collective recently, bringing a wealth of design and fit-out experience to the table – allowing us to deliver an even more seamless end-to-end experience for our customers. Most Interiors delivers complete design and fit-out services to the retail, hospitality, education and commercial sectors. Having been shaping spaces since 2004, Most Interiors can help you reshape your business space today.

Our Official Brands

Clipper Retail also owns the brands Arobee™ , Puma™ , Lynx® and ShopWorx®.

Lynx has been our retail labelling brand since 1977. The Clipper Retail Lynx range has expanded over the years to include ticketing, thermal retail labelling, RFID labelling and tagging accessories.

ShopWorx is the functional retail accessories and equipment branch of our business - we supply and install for new store roll-out programs, as well as managing seasonal display.

Our Clients

At Clipper Retail we’re proud suppliers to blue chip and Fortune 500 retailers. Read the latest testimonials from satisfied Clipper Retail customers now. We supply our unique products through our distribution network, or directly to large retail chains. Our clients include some of the world’s largest retailers and distributors:

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