Clipper Retail already supply to hundreds of satisfied customers from retail chains through to small independent retailers, across the UK and Europe.  We are delighted to share just a few of the comments we receive from happy retailers who have ordered our retail supplies and accessories:-
“ ...they gave us a degree of confidence that they would deliver what they said they’d deliver, and when tried and tested, the quality of product and the service was exactly as envisaged. ”
- Buyer, 250-store UK fashion group
“ ...we have now arranged for all of our stores to order consumables and service requirements directly, reducing management time considerably. ”
- Director, 50-store UK fashion chain
“ ... If I was to be asked 'How have they delivered what we need and expect?’, my answer would be ‘in everything’.
- Business owner, Manchester
“ ... They always have stock to support us; and there is great continuity, and price. ”
- Business owner, North London
“ ... My own technical knowledge is limited, but if I have any queries or worries I can just pick up the phone. ”
- Buyer, 400-store UK fashion retailer
“ ... The key reason I would recommend them to any major retailer…is their unparalleled dedication to our needs and demands ”
- Buyer, 100-store European-wide top brand fashion retailer
“ ... The key thing that motivates me to buy from you is speed of delivery, and having confidence that through one phone call…we’ll get the goods next day ”
- Business owner, Birmingham
“ ... it’s not an automated non-personal service; it’s a man-to-man, one-on-one service ”
- Business director, Manchester
“ ... we have come to rely solely on you for all our needs ”
- Director, 50-strong UK fashion retailer
“ ... The key words to describe you are ‘reliable’ and ‘helpful’. I would recommend you to anyone. ”
- Ops manager, 400-store UK shoe retailer