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Sekura Global, suppliers of innovative security solutions to retailers across the world, are the retail security division of Clipper Retail Ltd. Sekura Global delivers innovations in the fields of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), to ensure you always have access to the security solutions you need to protect your merchandise. 

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Some of Sekura Global's solutions include:

Sekura BoxGrip SR

The Self-Retracting BoxGrip SR is one of Sekura Global's flagship innovations.

Designed to overcome the known issues with existing wrap solutions, the BoxGrip SR is quicker to apply and easier to store.

The Self-Retracting feature prevents cables from becoming tangled after removal, adding life to the tag and saving time at your Point of Sale. 

The BoxGrip SR has already saved time and loss for a lot of retailers, and is exclusive to Clipper Retail and Sekura Global all around the world.

Find out more about the Sekura BoxGrip SR here.

Sekura Eyewear Tag

The Eyewear Tag, by Sekura, is probably the most secure one-piece solution for glasses merchandise available.

The unique and patented design has been developed to securely fasten to glasses frames, in such a way as to allow customers to handle and try-on your merchandise without difficulty. 

The Eyewear Tag protects your stock, without hindering the customer experience, and the small size reduces any visual impact to your glasses display. 

Available in AM or RF, to suit whichever EAS technology you use.

Find out more about the Sekura Eyewear Tag here.

Sekura ShrinkWrap Sleeve

The ShrinkWrap Sleeve is another great innovation from Sekura Global. It has been designed to protect small wrappable items, such as cosmetics, both from theft and unauthorised sampling. 

The EAS tag is sealed to your merchandise beneath transparent shrinkwrap packaging, which tightens around the product with the application of heat. 

ShrinkWrap Sleeves are perfect as source tagging solutions, and can be applied to your goods at your distribution centre or packaging plant, as well as in the stockrooms of your stores. 

Find out more about the ShrinkWrap Sleeve here


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