Q&A with new Key Account Manager Tracy Allan

Jan 24, 2020

Q&A with Tracy Allan

Our new Key Account Manager

Q: Why are you here?
A: "I’m here to look after our key customer accounts, as well as to develop new business opportunities for both Clipper Retail and our customers."
Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
A: “I am an enthusiastic, energetic, self-motivated lady. I have been happily married for 19 years – in October last year – and am a proud mother of two wonderful boys. I love life and what I do, both at home and at work."
Q: Where are you from?
A: "In March/April last year, we decided to immigrate to the UK from South Africa and my husband found employment in Suffolk. This was to be our next great adventure as a family, which we are now all enjoying. We love the UK and know we have made the right move!"
Q: What did you do before joining Clipper Retail?
A: "I have been in the Clearing and Forwarding/Servicing industry for eighteen years, and I’m passionate about customer service. I love the challenge of finding solutions for my customers, so ensuring that this value is imbedded within any company that I work for is a must. Because I am so passionate about people, I am most in my element when tending to my accounts and ensuring growth with all my customers.”
Q: What drew you to Clipper Retail as a company?
A: “I liked the innovation at Clipper Retail, how the team identifies problems and listens to customers. I can now see that everyone at Clipper Retail is committed wholeheartedly to the customer.”
Q: Can you summarise yourself in one sentence?
A: “I love interaction with people, I’m loud, never boring, energetic and I love a challenge.”

Tracy was recognised with eight awards in her previous role with a well-known Logistics company in South Africa. We are certain that her award-winning commitment to customer service will help her tackle her new role with Clipper Retail, and are all looking forward to working with her!

To get in touch with Tracy, or any of our fantastic team members, you can use the Let’s talk shop page on our website.

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